A Wonderful Labor Day Weekend

September 7, 2010

Labor Day is here and gone -- and it was a good one!!  Matt and I were at his Parent's cabin about 3 hours away from Silver Spring.. in the middle of nowhere.  Here are some pictures:

This is only the side of the cabin, driving up the driveway.  There's an awesome porch that runs the length of the whole cabin.

This is looking down into the living/dining room area on the first floor.  So many big windows to enjoy the view!

A better picture of the living room area.

This is the Catawissa... a large river that runs by the cabin. So beautiful!

His friend Volski ended up coming after work Saturday night, too.  We caught up then went to bed late.. and Sunday we went for a walk, watched the Phillies and relaxed.  Volski left around dinner time.. so Matt and I took another walk, cooked dinner and enjoyed the quiet.  Monday held the same activities, too.  It might not sound like much, but it is SO peaceful and fun to be up there-- away from people, phones turned off and savoring the beautiful world we live in.  I love it up there!  Can't wait to experience it in the winter.. which isn't too far away (yikes!)

Today I'm catching up on laundry, cleaning and preparing for my interview tomorrow morning.  It's at WBFF in Baltimore!  We'll see how it goes :)

Until then, have a wonderful day everyone!!!!

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