Time Will Tell

September 9, 2010

Yesterday morning, I had a job interview at WBFF FOX45 in Baltimore.  I was up at 6am, ready by 7, and out the door because traffic sucks and I'd rather be early than late (not just to interviews.  That's just how I am.)  So I am driving there, getting lost, trying not to freak out.. so I call Matt who looks online and directs me to the station.  I find it utterly STUPID that I have to go through downtown Baltimore to get on I83, exit after a couple miles, go a few streets and I'm there.  Apparently there's NO way around the city to get to BFF.  I might have cut several drivers off in the city so I didn't miss my (sudden) turns.  Hey- I wasn't risking being late! 

So I get there half an hour early, look through my notes/writing samples/resume/questions and go inside 10 minutes early.  I had to fill out a lengthy application: yes I'll take a physical and drug test -- no problem there.  Here are my employers, salary, social security #, blah blah -- everything short of how often I shower. 

The news director comes and gets me, shows me the studio and control room which are amazing.  They were the first station to go HD 2 YEARS ago!  That is pretty amazing.  Anyway- we chat in his office, I give my resume and show DVDs we chat more and I ask him questions (Dad you'll be happy to know that ;)

Afterward, I met the EP and another morning show producer.  All were very nice and we all talked for a while.  I got the feeling that they really really cared about finding the perfect person for the morning show producer position -- which is not what I felt at FOX5.  There I was given a tour, writing test then "Bye, We'll call you by the end of the week." (Which was a week ago)  The position at BFF is morning show producer of the 6 & 8am shows.  It's exactly what I did at FOX43 to a T.  Only Baltimore's morning show is getting huuuge ratings.  I left with a good feeling.. like I efficiently relayed my goals and what I've learned as a Produce.  The news director said there are more people to interview, but that'd he know toward the end of next week.

I keep trying to not think about it.. because even though I thought it went well, I could very well not be their ideal candidate.  I'd be okay with that, but it's just hard to wait.  And the schedule is 2:30am-11:30am... a schedule slightly better than my previous one.. but it is still SO hard and takes a toll on you.  I don't know if I can go back to that again.  At the same time, I need a job.  Do I really have room to be picky???  I just don't know anything, and I hate the feeling.  I would love to hear back from the government jobs I applied to and have one of those for many reasons.

I guess time will tell, and the wait is still on.....  In the meantime, I'll try not to get so upset.

I better go tend to my lunch before it boils over.  Tootles!

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