Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay.....

September 20, 2010

Hello Monday -- goodbye another good weekend.  Matt and I left this side of Maryland Friday and went to Chesapeake Bay with his childhood friend, Jenna, her husband Chad, parents and other family.  Nine of us total!  Jenna's parents have a Bay house they go to every weekend and it's beautiful!!  There's a whole other room above the garage, too. 

We all got there later Friday night, so we just chatted and played with the dogs ( 5 of them!) and went to bed.  Saturday, we got up and went into Chestertown -- the area closest to the house.  It's a beautiful historic town in Maryland, that is nothing like where Matt and I live.  Brick sidewalks, cute little local shops & a Dunkin' Donuts and nice people everywhere.  Every Saturday they have vendors selling everything hand-made from soaps and furniture to free pets and vegetables.  It was really neat!  We also parused the little shops on the street... and stopped into a consignment shop!  Jenna and Chad just got a lab puppy and they brought her to town -- we were getting stopped by SO many people cooing about how cute she is.  And this dog is adorable!!!  Her name is Maci and she is so much fun to play with and just watch.

After lunch on Saturday Matt and I went crabbing!  It was my first time and it was so cool!  I had a blast riding on the dingy back and forth to each pot, bringing it up from the water and seeing if there was anything in it!  We even got some catfish!  We ended up getting about 6 crabs, but let them go because it wasn't enough to steam and eat.  That night, we went out to a local restaurant for a monster dinner of crabs -- I had my chicken wings ( I like to catch, not eat crabs). 

Sunday, Matt was up at 5:15am for crabbing and I got up at 8 to join him!  We were out on the water again, catching crabs aka dinner.  After over 7 hours of it, and me relaxing on the dock for a bit, we got 19ish crabs!!!  (We lost count!)  At one point there were two crabs in the same pot we pulled up.  They looove those chicken necks!  So, Matt made chicken and steak kibobs and steamed about 10 crabs (the other 9 or so got lucky and were thrown back!).  Everyone said they were good!!

It was a great weekend filled with boating, sun, crabs, water and relaxation.  I might be alittle red, but at least I'm not burned too bad!! haha  I'd post pictures, but I'm not sure if I can get them on my computer.... since my camera went for a swim in the Bay -- and sank to the bottom!  Chad was able to get it out of the water, but I'm thinking I will have to get a new camera sooner rather than later......

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