I'm Blessed

September 2, 2010

You never know what could happen each day.  When you leave the comfort of you apartment or home, when you're at work, on vacation... the possibilities are endless.  I don't ever worry about that kind of stuff which could be good and bad.  Living in Silver Spring now is different in every way.  Sure there's still murders and other horrible things going on -- but I never thought about how close we are to DC.  The Presidents.. residence, the mecca for politics and the hustle and bustle of everyone getting to and from work. 

Yesterday, I was working at Express and was on my 15 minute break when I got a text message and voicemails from Matt and my Aunt.  Matt was on his way home from work in DC when he said he'd be way late because of a hostage situation at the Discovery Channel.  And my Aunt mentioned it in her message, asking if we lived near there.  Well, we DO live near there.  I was at work and secretly freaking out.... then finding myself wishing I was infront of a TV to watch the situation unfold.  Matt and I talked about it so I knew he was okay.. he was just waiting for a bus to get home.  All of the chaos that happened because 1 man wanted Discovery to save the animals.  It really is sad he had to lose his life over it, but every action has consequences. 

Yesterday made me stop and think about where we're living and how any place in the US sees the kind of things that have happened in the short time I've been here.  I'm so thankful for everyone in my life and incidents like yesterday make me even more conscious of it.  In the words of my Grandpa when anyone asks how he's doing -- he always replies, "I'm blessed."  I definitely know the feeling! :)

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