Happy Labor Day Weekend!

September 4, 2010

Hola!  What a start to the long Labor Day weekend it's been!!  Matt and I are off to his cabin in a few-- but I didn't want my faithful followers to think I forgot to blog today :) So here's a recap of what's happening in my life since I last wrote:
~ Never heard anything from FOX5.. however I have another interview at a Baltimore TV station this Wednesday!!! :)  I'll write details at a later date.
~ Last night, Matt and I got some groceries, made dinner, and watched Leap Year (good movie)
~ Today was my last day at Express.  I should be there now (I was supposed to work 1-6) however I walked in and the manager said I wasn't needed so I could go home.  Schweeeeet!  So half an hour later, I was home and now Matt and I are getting stuff ready to head off to no-man's-land filled with nothing but forrest animals, babbling brooks, trees... all wonderful gifts God and mother nature have given us!!! :)  Better run... we're leaving soon and I'm sitting here typing away while Matt packs.  Hehe.

P.S.~ there is (fortunately) no cell reception at the cabin, so no talking on the phone for me... and you'll all have to find something else fun to look at on facebook, since I can't utilize the mobile uploads feature for a couple days.  ;)  Off to become 1 with nature... and scarf down lunch real quick. Ciao! xoxo

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