A Day At The Zoo

September 12, 2010

Yesteryday (Saturday) Matt and I decided to hop on the Metro and take a trip to the Washington D.C. National Zoological Park.  And it was SO fun!  I have been there before a few summers back with my family... but I loved going back because I love animals especially Pandas!!  I just think they are so cute with their white and black markings and how there heads are white with black around the eyes (like this cutie pie on the left).  The Zoo is pretty big, but we wasted no time looking at all the animals.  We didn't get to see some because they wern't able to be found.. it was really hot so maybe they were hiding in the bushes somewhere.  The seals and sea lions exhibit was closed due to construction, too.  I guess they're building a bigger/better exhibit to be completed in 2012 -- that's what the sign told me anyway.  I did see them the summer I was there so I guess I can deal with not seeing them this time.  It took us a bit to find the Pandas, tigers and others.. but well worth it! 

All the animals were laying outside on their rock or in the grass sleeping peacefully as everyone 'aww'ed over them.  It's just so neat to see animals like that pretty close!!  We saw a bear really close up... when he walked infront of us to the glass in his exhibit.  He was cute and had a 'mohawk' on his back.  We also saw the Gorillas and Orang utans.. one of which was painting for a Zoo worker.  He was saying something to the animal and it would paint on a piece of paper.  Fun fact of the day: Gorillas in zoos actually grow and live longer than those in the wild because of their diets and life.  Who would've thought! 

We were gone until nearly 6:30pm but it was so fun!  I highly recommend you check out the Zoo if you're ever in the area!  It's fascinating... and free!!!! :)  Tootles!

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