9 Years Later

September 11, 2010

September 10, 2010: The lights beam high up in the air as a tribute and also a look ahead in the future when the new towers will be built.

On this day, I hope we all stop to remember the more than 2,000 victims of September 11th, 2001.  The victims murdered in the Twin Towers and on planes, firefighters who died in the line of duty and those whose lives were taken at the Pentagon.  I remember where I was the morning of 9/11.. do you??  I was sitting in my high school classroom when suddenly we all turned on the TV and watched the events unfold. 

Nine years later, my hearts go out to those families who have lost a husband, wife, sibling, friend... May they know the memory of whom they lost remains alive in all our hearts.  After watching a full hour of The Timeline of Terror on Fox News last night, I can hear survivors describe that day, as well as reporters on the scene as the planes hit, and the mighty towers fell to the ground.

May we never have to go through a tragedy on that scale again.  9.11.01~Never Forget.

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