Nothing New Here..

September 28, 2010

Have no fear, I am here!!  I haven't forgotten to blog.. but things have been crazy here & in a weird way not much has been going on ( I don't get it either) so I've been at a loss for words.  Here's what's been going on since I last wrote:

This past weekend Matt and I went to Atlantic City to meet some of my friends I interned with in NYC.  It was my first time there, and I loved it!  I was kinda nervous gambling and wasn't sure how it was going to go.  I'm a cheap person who doesn't have much money, so I could never understand gambling.  I only played slots twice when we were there.  The first time I lost $20 and the second I made $11.  But after that, I was gambled out.  I watched Matt and my friends play Blackjack for a while trying to understand it lol.  Matt won nearly $1,000!  I just couldn't believe you just trade in chips and get that much cash back, haha! 
We walked on the boardwalk to different casinos all lit up at night and had a great time.  Saturday night we had dinner at PF Changs (also my first time) and it was delicious.  We didn't get to bed until almost 4am Sunday!  Then we all woke up to check out of the hotel at 11am and went back to the casinos.  After that, we split up and Matt and I went into the Pier Shops by Caesars.  There is SO much there!  Four levels of shops from AX to Gucci, Tiffany's, Apple.. you name it!  I was in awe!  Matt and I stumbled upon happy hour at Phillip's so we sat at the bar and had some food and drinks.  It was fun!  Then we had to meet our friends at the car since they were leaving.  We decided to leave too.. we were tired, gambled out and had to get back in time for Matt to go to bed.  It was such a fun weekend and I learned a lot!  I've been playing Blackjack online (for free) to practice for our next AC trip :)  Matt and I definitely want to go back.

Now for the job update:

Still no news from any station I interviewed at.  I keep getting stupid emails from Insurance companies that saw my resume online and would love to hire me, blah blah blah.  I got an email from a TV station in Salisbury MD for an interview -- which is 2.5 hours away-- so not quiiite sure what to do there.  Tonight, I'm freelancing at the Kennedy Center again, so it'll be a late night!  I will have to miss both Glee and One Tree Hill which I am SOOOO bummed about, but I'll just have to watch them online.  That's about it in a nutshell.... gotta go get ready to leave for work.  Tootles!

First Day Of Fall

September 23, 2010

After feeling a little blue, what better way to cheer up and celebrate than fall decorating!!!  I had some window clings and odds and ends of fall things that I put out... then I got the brilliant idea to head to the Dollar store and get more decor!  I recently saw a segment on television about decorating for very cheap via the dollar store, so I tried it out. 
I got SO many things for $20.00!  I got some fake fall flowers, little pumpkins, glass & river stones, candles, glass plates, a cute little scarecrow, a happy halloween wall hanging and a christmas decor (couldn't help it, it was cute!)  So I laid it all out on the living room floor and made a centerpiece for the coffee table, kitchen table, bathroom and more.  It was so much fun!!  I have so many vases and all kinds of glass containers that once held candles (great idea to keep those! just put in the freezer to get the rest of the old candle out.. falls out so easy!)  I made some fun decor pieces with those, too.  I had a blast putting together fall decorations and finding a home for them!  I highly recommend checking out your local dollar store. (I sound like a commercial lol)  Wait til Matt comes home and sees the apartment, hehe.  I cannot wait to decorate for Halloween... and Christmas.... New Year's... Valentine's Day.... St. Patty's Day..President's Day........My Birthday................

6 Months Ago Today..

September 20, 2010

Today is September 20th -- and it is also Matt and I's 6 month anniversary!!!  :)  It really feels like it's been longer because we've known eachother much a while and became friends first.  I know this may be cheesy to put on my blog, I just want to say Happy 6 months, Hunni!!  I truly am the luckiest girl alive to have my best friend and boyfriend in my life.  A lot has changed: from new and old jobs to living in a new state!  I'm thrilled to be living with you... and cannot wait for our future!  I love you! xoxo

Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay.....

Hello Monday -- goodbye another good weekend.  Matt and I left this side of Maryland Friday and went to Chesapeake Bay with his childhood friend, Jenna, her husband Chad, parents and other family.  Nine of us total!  Jenna's parents have a Bay house they go to every weekend and it's beautiful!!  There's a whole other room above the garage, too. 

We all got there later Friday night, so we just chatted and played with the dogs ( 5 of them!) and went to bed.  Saturday, we got up and went into Chestertown -- the area closest to the house.  It's a beautiful historic town in Maryland, that is nothing like where Matt and I live.  Brick sidewalks, cute little local shops & a Dunkin' Donuts and nice people everywhere.  Every Saturday they have vendors selling everything hand-made from soaps and furniture to free pets and vegetables.  It was really neat!  We also parused the little shops on the street... and stopped into a consignment shop!  Jenna and Chad just got a lab puppy and they brought her to town -- we were getting stopped by SO many people cooing about how cute she is.  And this dog is adorable!!!  Her name is Maci and she is so much fun to play with and just watch.

After lunch on Saturday Matt and I went crabbing!  It was my first time and it was so cool!  I had a blast riding on the dingy back and forth to each pot, bringing it up from the water and seeing if there was anything in it!  We even got some catfish!  We ended up getting about 6 crabs, but let them go because it wasn't enough to steam and eat.  That night, we went out to a local restaurant for a monster dinner of crabs -- I had my chicken wings ( I like to catch, not eat crabs). 

Sunday, Matt was up at 5:15am for crabbing and I got up at 8 to join him!  We were out on the water again, catching crabs aka dinner.  After over 7 hours of it, and me relaxing on the dock for a bit, we got 19ish crabs!!!  (We lost count!)  At one point there were two crabs in the same pot we pulled up.  They looove those chicken necks!  So, Matt made chicken and steak kibobs and steamed about 10 crabs (the other 9 or so got lucky and were thrown back!).  Everyone said they were good!!

It was a great weekend filled with boating, sun, crabs, water and relaxation.  I might be alittle red, but at least I'm not burned too bad!! haha  I'd post pictures, but I'm not sure if I can get them on my computer.... since my camera went for a swim in the Bay -- and sank to the bottom!  Chad was able to get it out of the water, but I'm thinking I will have to get a new camera sooner rather than later......

OTH Is Back In My Life

September 14, 2010

It's Tuesday and that means one thing: THE SEASON 8 PREMIERE OF ONE TREE HILL!!!  Ok, sorry for screaming there but I am sooo excited about it.  I have been watching the show since the first episode of season 1.  I've watched it in college dorms and apartments with my friends, online when I had to miss it and I am close to having all the seasons on DVD... I just need Season 7 which recently came out.  (I should've gotten it on the day it came to DVD -- but I always feel guilty about buying stuff like that.)  Anyway, I absolutely cannot wait for the new season.  In the past the show was almost canceled-- and the fans (yours truly included) rallied to keep the show going.  About two weeks ago, Matt and I were watching a show on the CW and what happened to be next?? A rerun of the Season 7 Finale (which I didn't know at the time).  So, I HAD to watch it (even though I wasn't able to watch any of the shows that season because of my work schedule) and I was able to follow it for the most part.  It was a cliffhanger of an ending -- and I know this first episode and whole season will be just as good.  From the very first episode I fell in love with the characters (Chad Michael Murray, you are HOT) and related to their daily struggles, friendships that came and went as well as all the happy times.  I've laughed, sang and bawled my eyes out.  One of the other things I love about the show is the music.  Artist songs are played during every show who are not well known (yet) and at the end they tell you what songs were used.  I think that's a great way to get new music out there for people to hear and download.

I am counting down the hours and minutes until tonight and you can bet I'll be blogging and Tweeting about it!  But only after the show because I give it all my attention.  :)  Yes I'm a dork, but this is the one show I've stuck with since it began and it just keeps getting better. 

Only 7 hours and 55 minutes to go!!!! :D

A Day At The Zoo

September 12, 2010

Yesteryday (Saturday) Matt and I decided to hop on the Metro and take a trip to the Washington D.C. National Zoological Park.  And it was SO fun!  I have been there before a few summers back with my family... but I loved going back because I love animals especially Pandas!!  I just think they are so cute with their white and black markings and how there heads are white with black around the eyes (like this cutie pie on the left).  The Zoo is pretty big, but we wasted no time looking at all the animals.  We didn't get to see some because they wern't able to be found.. it was really hot so maybe they were hiding in the bushes somewhere.  The seals and sea lions exhibit was closed due to construction, too.  I guess they're building a bigger/better exhibit to be completed in 2012 -- that's what the sign told me anyway.  I did see them the summer I was there so I guess I can deal with not seeing them this time.  It took us a bit to find the Pandas, tigers and others.. but well worth it! 

All the animals were laying outside on their rock or in the grass sleeping peacefully as everyone 'aww'ed over them.  It's just so neat to see animals like that pretty close!!  We saw a bear really close up... when he walked infront of us to the glass in his exhibit.  He was cute and had a 'mohawk' on his back.  We also saw the Gorillas and Orang utans.. one of which was painting for a Zoo worker.  He was saying something to the animal and it would paint on a piece of paper.  Fun fact of the day: Gorillas in zoos actually grow and live longer than those in the wild because of their diets and life.  Who would've thought! 

We were gone until nearly 6:30pm but it was so fun!  I highly recommend you check out the Zoo if you're ever in the area!  It's fascinating... and free!!!! :)  Tootles!

9 Years Later

September 11, 2010

September 10, 2010: The lights beam high up in the air as a tribute and also a look ahead in the future when the new towers will be built.

On this day, I hope we all stop to remember the more than 2,000 victims of September 11th, 2001.  The victims murdered in the Twin Towers and on planes, firefighters who died in the line of duty and those whose lives were taken at the Pentagon.  I remember where I was the morning of 9/11.. do you??  I was sitting in my high school classroom when suddenly we all turned on the TV and watched the events unfold. 

Nine years later, my hearts go out to those families who have lost a husband, wife, sibling, friend... May they know the memory of whom they lost remains alive in all our hearts.  After watching a full hour of The Timeline of Terror on Fox News last night, I can hear survivors describe that day, as well as reporters on the scene as the planes hit, and the mighty towers fell to the ground.

May we never have to go through a tragedy on that scale again.  9.11.01~Never Forget.


September 10, 2010

"A couple turns of EVOO around the pan.. while that heats up, give the pasta alittle guhge... Oh, and let me get my mapine and grab the bread out of the oven before I burn it." 

I love Rachael Ray.  I have been watching her shows for years.. and it feels like I've watched her all my life.  I loved the Food Network before 30 Minute Meals debuted and now I just can't get enough.  Every morning, I watch the Rachael Ray Show --even though they're reruns right now-- which is okay because I haven't watched it in forever with my previous job schedule so I haven't seen any of them yet!! 

Rachael is so funny, down-to-earth and she simplifies recipes and directions for anyone to understand.  She makes cooking FUN... and I love to cook.  Now that I have a better apartment and not much to do, I really want to get into cooking different meals more often.  Trying a recipe with the unusual ingredients and of course the oldies, but remade goodies. 

She might be a huge star with her own shows and cooking acessories line -- but she is just a normal person who not only loves cooking, but sees how cooking can change the world and others around you.  It might sound ridiculous, but I saw this happen on her show this morning.  It was a segment on "Room 325":  the story of a teacher in an inner city high school in Philadelphia.  How she gives her students tough love, advice, and cooking classes to become better people and know there is a better life out there than what many see in that tough area.  After watching their story and wiping the tears, I feel so inspired to get into a job I LOVE, but more importantly, help others as much as I can.  I certainly cannot cook like Rachael Ray-- but I have dreams and one of those is to be on TV doing something I love. 

When I saw her surprise the students before they saw their renovated kitchen, they were so shocked and excited that Rachael Ray took the time to think of them, help them and visit them in person!  I want to make a difference in people's lives like that.  Maybe not on that grand of a scale, but I want people to know there are some out there who do care about others.  This show touched me so much.

Rachael has established a company called Yum-O... helping kids across the country eat more nutritious, healthy meals.... and parents get their kids involved in the kitchen to make meals and memories. If I had money, I would totally help out.  I just think it's wonderful what she's doing in AND out of the kitchen.  I look up to her so much and want to some day be like her.  Wow-- I sound like an 18 year-old.  Haha.

I'm not sure where to go, what exactly I want to do and how to do it.  Now the million dollar question is: How do I get started?!  Your guess is as good as mine.  I really have no clue how to get this plan in motion.  But I do know I want to do something... whether it's on the side or as a fulltime job.  Any ideas my faithful followers??  I'd love to hear!!

"This very well could be what's for dinner tonight!  We'll see ya when we see ya." ~R.R.

Time Will Tell

September 9, 2010

Yesterday morning, I had a job interview at WBFF FOX45 in Baltimore.  I was up at 6am, ready by 7, and out the door because traffic sucks and I'd rather be early than late (not just to interviews.  That's just how I am.)  So I am driving there, getting lost, trying not to freak out.. so I call Matt who looks online and directs me to the station.  I find it utterly STUPID that I have to go through downtown Baltimore to get on I83, exit after a couple miles, go a few streets and I'm there.  Apparently there's NO way around the city to get to BFF.  I might have cut several drivers off in the city so I didn't miss my (sudden) turns.  Hey- I wasn't risking being late! 

So I get there half an hour early, look through my notes/writing samples/resume/questions and go inside 10 minutes early.  I had to fill out a lengthy application: yes I'll take a physical and drug test -- no problem there.  Here are my employers, salary, social security #, blah blah -- everything short of how often I shower. 

The news director comes and gets me, shows me the studio and control room which are amazing.  They were the first station to go HD 2 YEARS ago!  That is pretty amazing.  Anyway- we chat in his office, I give my resume and show DVDs we chat more and I ask him questions (Dad you'll be happy to know that ;)

Afterward, I met the EP and another morning show producer.  All were very nice and we all talked for a while.  I got the feeling that they really really cared about finding the perfect person for the morning show producer position -- which is not what I felt at FOX5.  There I was given a tour, writing test then "Bye, We'll call you by the end of the week." (Which was a week ago)  The position at BFF is morning show producer of the 6 & 8am shows.  It's exactly what I did at FOX43 to a T.  Only Baltimore's morning show is getting huuuge ratings.  I left with a good feeling.. like I efficiently relayed my goals and what I've learned as a Produce.  The news director said there are more people to interview, but that'd he know toward the end of next week.

I keep trying to not think about it.. because even though I thought it went well, I could very well not be their ideal candidate.  I'd be okay with that, but it's just hard to wait.  And the schedule is 2:30am-11:30am... a schedule slightly better than my previous one.. but it is still SO hard and takes a toll on you.  I don't know if I can go back to that again.  At the same time, I need a job.  Do I really have room to be picky???  I just don't know anything, and I hate the feeling.  I would love to hear back from the government jobs I applied to and have one of those for many reasons.

I guess time will tell, and the wait is still on.....  In the meantime, I'll try not to get so upset.

I better go tend to my lunch before it boils over.  Tootles!

A Wonderful Labor Day Weekend

September 7, 2010

Labor Day is here and gone -- and it was a good one!!  Matt and I were at his Parent's cabin about 3 hours away from Silver Spring.. in the middle of nowhere.  Here are some pictures:

This is only the side of the cabin, driving up the driveway.  There's an awesome porch that runs the length of the whole cabin.

This is looking down into the living/dining room area on the first floor.  So many big windows to enjoy the view!

A better picture of the living room area.

This is the Catawissa... a large river that runs by the cabin. So beautiful!

His friend Volski ended up coming after work Saturday night, too.  We caught up then went to bed late.. and Sunday we went for a walk, watched the Phillies and relaxed.  Volski left around dinner time.. so Matt and I took another walk, cooked dinner and enjoyed the quiet.  Monday held the same activities, too.  It might not sound like much, but it is SO peaceful and fun to be up there-- away from people, phones turned off and savoring the beautiful world we live in.  I love it up there!  Can't wait to experience it in the winter.. which isn't too far away (yikes!)

Today I'm catching up on laundry, cleaning and preparing for my interview tomorrow morning.  It's at WBFF in Baltimore!  We'll see how it goes :)

Until then, have a wonderful day everyone!!!!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

September 4, 2010

Hola!  What a start to the long Labor Day weekend it's been!!  Matt and I are off to his cabin in a few-- but I didn't want my faithful followers to think I forgot to blog today :) So here's a recap of what's happening in my life since I last wrote:
~ Never heard anything from FOX5.. however I have another interview at a Baltimore TV station this Wednesday!!! :)  I'll write details at a later date.
~ Last night, Matt and I got some groceries, made dinner, and watched Leap Year (good movie)
~ Today was my last day at Express.  I should be there now (I was supposed to work 1-6) however I walked in and the manager said I wasn't needed so I could go home.  Schweeeeet!  So half an hour later, I was home and now Matt and I are getting stuff ready to head off to no-man's-land filled with nothing but forrest animals, babbling brooks, trees... all wonderful gifts God and mother nature have given us!!! :)  Better run... we're leaving soon and I'm sitting here typing away while Matt packs.  Hehe.

P.S.~ there is (fortunately) no cell reception at the cabin, so no talking on the phone for me... and you'll all have to find something else fun to look at on facebook, since I can't utilize the mobile uploads feature for a couple days.  ;)  Off to become 1 with nature... and scarf down lunch real quick. Ciao! xoxo

Still Waiting...

September 3, 2010

It's Friday!!!!  And, honestly, I'm not doing much today.  I had to call State Farm to get my insurance switched to Maryland, I cleaned, put clothes away and just got done eating lunch.  Now, I'm watching tv and trying not to think about my phone ringing.  As the days pass on- I feel more worried about getting the job at FOX5.  I think if they wanted me, they would've called by now.. but at the same time the news director said she'd be in touch this week.  The week isn't over yet.  I just REALLY need and want this job.  Anyone out there know what I'm going through?  Who am I kidding.. of course tons of people know what I'm feeling: helpless, worried, scared, annoyed.  The list could go on.  I'm just trying not to worry -- yet preparing myself for the worst.  Is that bad??  The good thing is if I don't get it - I have many other jobs I've applied to that I could get.  (Hopefully)  I guess today... I'm just losing hope and patience too.  But it's still early -- so there's still time for good news, right?

I'm Blessed

September 2, 2010

You never know what could happen each day.  When you leave the comfort of you apartment or home, when you're at work, on vacation... the possibilities are endless.  I don't ever worry about that kind of stuff which could be good and bad.  Living in Silver Spring now is different in every way.  Sure there's still murders and other horrible things going on -- but I never thought about how close we are to DC.  The Presidents.. residence, the mecca for politics and the hustle and bustle of everyone getting to and from work. 

Yesterday, I was working at Express and was on my 15 minute break when I got a text message and voicemails from Matt and my Aunt.  Matt was on his way home from work in DC when he said he'd be way late because of a hostage situation at the Discovery Channel.  And my Aunt mentioned it in her message, asking if we lived near there.  Well, we DO live near there.  I was at work and secretly freaking out.... then finding myself wishing I was infront of a TV to watch the situation unfold.  Matt and I talked about it so I knew he was okay.. he was just waiting for a bus to get home.  All of the chaos that happened because 1 man wanted Discovery to save the animals.  It really is sad he had to lose his life over it, but every action has consequences. 

Yesterday made me stop and think about where we're living and how any place in the US sees the kind of things that have happened in the short time I've been here.  I'm so thankful for everyone in my life and incidents like yesterday make me even more conscious of it.  In the words of my Grandpa when anyone asks how he's doing -- he always replies, "I'm blessed."  I definitely know the feeling! :)