Interview Day

August 18, 2010

Ahhh Wednesday. 

It's been raining here a lot overnight and into the day as well, and man that makes me want to watch movies all day!  Unfortunately, today I had a JOB INTERVIEW! :o Now, don't get TOO excited... it was only at Express in the Towson Town Center Mall -- which is HUGE.  This mall has no end, and needs 4 levels to hold all the stores.  Every store you can want!

My interview was at 3pm and my punctual self arrived at approximately 12:30pm.  Yep!  You read that right.. I was two and a half hours early.. which I kiiinda did on purpose :) I did some shopping along the way and just on one level (there's that getting lost thing again).  I hit my favorite stores (Banana Republic, Gap) and felt lost in Forever 21... (there's SO many clothes and I get so overwhelmed I never buy anything there).

Before my interview I walked out to take my bags to the car, came back in and took a seat next to a nice old lady on a bench near Express.  Turns out she was with her son (?) I'm assuming who was maybe 40s/50s.  The man said 'I couldn't help but see you're looking at the directory, is this your first time here?' So that struck up a conversation about my life, what brought me to Silver Spring, my unemployment and job interview.  They were such nice people and the little old lady, while enjoying ice cream, said she'd pray for me and the interview.  'There ARE nice people in the world' I thought.  She asked my name, said it was beautiful and that I'd have no problem getting a job.  Awww shucks.

My interview was short.  Short, sweet, good experience but I'm pretty sure I didn't get a job.  Mainly because Towson is 45+ minutes away for me and I told the Manager (Kristin) that I really need a full time position to drive that distance.  She nicely said for sales associates there is only part time.  I told her about myself, answered the usual retail job questions and in 10 minutes it was over.  She said if I found an Express closer to me to let her know and she'd be more than happy to call there and get me in.  Hey I'll take what I can get!  Time to do some research........

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