The Great Wait...

August 31, 2010

Hey all and happy Tuesday.  Just got back from the grocery store and just had it's time to watch my favorite afternoon TV shows -- even though they're all reruns.  Now, allow me to recap yesterday.

My mind is still reeling about my interview.  The day was perfect in every way: it was beautiful out, I drove into DC and found FOX5 easily, drove around for a parking spot but gave up so used a parking garage instead which happened to be nearby.  I left the parking garage and started walking, not sure where I was going, but a nice man showed me the way.  (I didn't think to look for the HUGE TV tower in the air.)  Anyway, I ended up getting there slightly early (good thing I left at 11:30am!) so I sat outside for a bit, then went in and told the nice security man who I was.  After waiting for the Assistant News Director, she showed me the studio, control room and newsroom where I then took a half hour writing test.  I had to arrange 5 AP wire stories in the order I'd put them in a show, then write them.  It didn't take me the full time, but I utilized the full 30 minutes to re-read and check over my work.  I was 100% ready to talk about my writing with her and explain why I put the stories in the order I did -- but I didn't have that chance.  When I was done, I was usherd over to the EP's office and we talked while he walked me out of the building.  Around 2:15 I was back at the parking garage.. hungry & thirsty... but rushing to get out before I was over 2 hours so I only had to pay $5.  haha. 

I believe it went well, but it went SO fast!  I talked to the Assistant News Director for a while -- bonded over being Steelers fans -- and I told her about my old job and all I learned.  I wish we could've talked longer, gone over my writing samples, more about the position, but she seemed very busy.  She said she'd be in touch this week!  We'll see what happens!  If I don't get it, I'll be bummed sure, but it was great experience -- and that just means the big man upstairs has something better in store for me.  :)

"If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there." ~Unknown

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