Friday Fun

August 20, 2010

Happy Friiiiidayyyyy! Another week coming to a close, and I say bring on the weekend!!! This week has been exhausting for me.. job searching, interview, cooking/baking, getting frustrated....

Last night, Matt and I made dinner -- ranch chicken and noodles (which was delicious.)  Then after dinner we left the comfort of our apartment... and ended up at the closest mall in Bethesda!  After feeling down about unemployment, a little retail therapy never hurt any girl :)  It was an interesting area.  I noticed the "malls" around here are not really in 1 building which I'm not used to. So we went in Target, then into the mall which surprisingly had good stores!  We got Yankee Candles for the apartment and I got a pair of jeans from American Eagle.  It was nice to just get out of the apartment and explore the area a bit.  Today - it's back to more job searching & hoping someone wants me!  I'm a good worker, I swear!!  :)  Oh- and I have another interview at a much closer Express on Monday.  Fingers crossed it goes well so I can have at least a part time job and make SOME money. 

Just a couple more hours today and Matt will be home.  Tonight.... we're going out for a lovely dinner at the Melting Pot in Columbia! And what good timing, too.. it's our 5 month anniversary :) I am such a lucky girl!What am I going to wear?!...

This is a picture of Matt and I at Rehoboth Beach a few weeks ago.  Love you Hunnie :-D


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