Express Orientation

August 24, 2010

Phew! Is it Friday yet?! This week has already been craaazy and it's... let me check my calendar... Tuesday!!!! ahhh!! 

Today I hit up the mall again... not to shop, but to experience my Express orientation.  Which --turns out-- was NOT express.  It began at noon, and I was happy to see 2 others with me, so I wasn't alone!  We watched 5 VHS tapes about the new clothing line, helping customers, the backroom and MUCH more.  Brain overload = headache.  After that, Kevin showed us allll about the backroom and the store.  We met some fellow associates and talked more.  After filling out tons of paperwork, asking more questions.... almost 3 hours... I left.  Tired!  It was really the same stuff I went through before I worked at Gap but I guess a refresher was good.  Honestly, I'm not very excited about working retail again.  And Express isn't quiiiite my style... I felt much more comfortable at Gap.  But hey, the manager told us today we can become a 'fashion expert' and that piqued my interest... A LOT.  I LOVE fashion, clothes and always follow it.  It's more pay he said, and there's lots more to be expected of you but I'd really like to do that.  Who knows!  Maybe I'll like this job, the people, fashion so much I'll decide to move up within the company.  Anything is possible. 

So, I'm going to try to see this as a positive new venture in my life.  It'll be a challenge everyday, but bring it on!  I found this quote recently and I love it:

"...And life is what we make it.  Always has been, always will be." ~ Anna Mary Robertson.

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