Do I Look 18??

August 27, 2010

We'll get to that in a second... but I'm exhausted!  My first day at Express was last night from 5-close.  I was warned, but little did I know that translated into 5-midnight.  I read more literature on customer assistance, selling jeans jeans JEANS, (same stuff different store) was quizzed like high school from the manager on the floor, given a fitting room key and began helping customers with clothes, fitting rooms and go-backs. 

The thing I LOVE about retail: people who mosey in at the last minute you're open and look around like the clock stops for them.  Ok not really.  But I was nice in helping the old couple find jeans for their daughter.  After they left we closed up.. and so began cleaning the entire store.  Folding perfect folds, sizing, hanging each item correctly, everything in it's right place, finger hanging and more.  I suddenly began to remember why I dislike retail!  The store is big, and there were 3 of us to get it done.  I was stuck on the massive wall of jeans - folding and cleaning up the mess that customers left behind.  Midnight finally rolled around, and though we wern't done but the manager called it quits.  Phew!  That was a new experience for me.  When I worked at Gap - I never closed because of my full-time job at Fox. 

The only good thing was the people I worked with.  Though EVERYONE thought I was 18, and couldn't believe me when I told them I'm 25.... the third oldest there!  Harry is really nice and fairly new, and Dotchy.  She and I have SO much in common the more we talked.  It was really nice to start making friends!  We're already planning a night out with the boys (though they don't know it yet :)

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