How I'm Training for the
Susan G. Komen Philadelphia 3-Day

August 16, 2017

Next weekend, I'll finally be walking in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day®! Can you believe it? (If you missed my post on why I'm walking, you can check it out here!) I'm so excited to join in the fight against breast cancer and experience my first 3-Day walk.

Since I last filled you guys in, I've made a list of things I need to tackle before I head to Philly, gathered up all the pink I can find in my closet, as well as some other important items that I'll highlight below.

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Perhaps the most important preparation I've been doing has been my training. After all, walking 60 miles in three days is more continuous activity than my body is used to and I plan on walking every single mile!

Keep on reading to find out how I've been getting ready for the Susan G. Komen Philadelphia 3-Day!

How I'm Training


1. Increasing cardio - Even though we will just be walking, 60 miles adds up! I'm making sure that I increase my cardiovascular activity to be able to tackle any hills as well as a full day of walking. I don't think I'll have to worry about reaching my 10,000 step goal each day!

2. Regular workouts - When was the last time you walked 60 miles in three days? I'd say it would be pretty difficult without any regular workouts and training. Anyone who has done a marathon will tell you they had a daily schedule of mileage goals they needed to meet in order to condition their body to be able to run for 26.2 miles. The same applies here (but to a lesser extent, of course). My daily workouts will only help my endurance!

3. Foam rolling - I'll have a full post on foam rolling soon but the biggest advantage to foam rolling is that it speeds up our muscle recovery. And since I'm training for the 3-Day in addition to my regular workout schedule, it's a very important tool. No injuries welcome here! Bonus points for stretching, too.

4. Walking outside - I always love going for walks outside, but since we'll be walking though out the Philly streets, it's important to get used to paying attention to stop signs, crosswalks and traffic. I'll try not to take too many photos along the way, too. ;)

5. Staying hydrated - One of my biggest goals this year has been to drink my 8-9 glasses of water a day... even if I'm sitting at my desk. Dehydration increases heart rate which, as you can imagine, doesn't usually end well if you're out in the summer heat walking all day.

Bonus: if you don't know where to start, Susan G. Komen provides both a 16-week training program as well as a 24-week training program which makes it super easy to start and stay on track!

My #PHL3Day Packing List

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You guys know I love my lists! Luckily, when you log in to - there's a handy packing list that I've already printed out - yay for not having to write everything down myself! (And run the risk of forgetting something important...)

Luckily, since it's still summer I don't need any layers or bulky clothes so I can pack light. Or, can I? Here are a few must-haves for me:

1. 3-Day Gear - I love a good excuse to wear pink, so I'm definitely ready to roll with my new t-shirts! And they'll be a perfect reminder of my experience for years to come. I will always wear them with pride!

2. Sleeping bag - camping is one of my favorite things, so I was super excited to finally have a need for my own sleeping bag and can't wait to go out this weekend to buy my own. No more borrowing from Mom & Dad!

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Susan G. Komen, Susan G. Komen 3-Day Event, Susan G. Komen Philadelphia 3-Day Event, Susan G. Komen 3-Day Notebook

3. Notebook - I've always been big on journaling and (in addition to taking photos), I want to remember this special weekend as I live it. Even if I write down a few thoughts when we have free time, I want to remember this weekend for years to come!

4. Water Bottle - (see training tip #5 ;) Not only will it be helpful when I'm walking - but I can also make sure I stay hydrated before bed so I can wake up ready to tackle 20 more miles!

Of course, I'll be packing all the other essentials including: SPF, lots of socks, hats, blister block, and sunglasses. Do ya think I can keep my bag under 35 pounds? ;)

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Want to join me in walking 60 miles and making an impact in the fight against breast cancer? You can register at Be sure to use code ALISSA10 for $10 off registration for the Philadelphia event!

If you haven't already, be sure to follow me on Instagram for live updates of the #PHL3Day!

I am also fundraising up until the event and would love it if you'd donate directly on my page. It's super quick and easy - and every dollar helps in the fight against breast cancer!

All items pictured are c/o Susan G. Komen.
 This post is sponsored by Susan G. Komen on behalf of Fit Approach, however all opinions are my own.

A Big Life & Blog Update

August 9, 2017

Remember this vague post where I was talking about some BIG changes that were coming?? Well, I can finally spill the beans on what I've been working toward......

I am now a NASM Certified Personal Trainer!

Nearly six months of studying, lots of workouts sacrificed, lunch breaks and so many beautiful weekends spent studying has finally paid off! (It's so weird not to carry a backpack to work now!)

My test was Monday afternoon and when I tell you I studied ALL weekend, I am not exaggerating. (Okay, minus one hour to go get a quick lunch & some groceries on Saturday.) I even woke up early Monday and went right back to studying until I had to leave.

Almost two hours later, I walked out of the testing center crying happy tears, incredibly thankful and excited about where my life is heading. Even though not many people knew I was doing this until it happened, I can't say thank you enough for the sweet congratulations texts and messages across social media. It means the world.

I am still smiling and have to remind myself this is real. Health and fitness have become a huge passion of mine and I am so proud to be part of the NASM family and eager to get started doing something I truly love.


What about the blog??

In case you're wondering where this little blog is headed, I can tell you that it's not going anywhere.. but it is morphing into a bigger and better outlet for all things health and fitness. (With a new look, too?) I cannot wait to bring you guys even more helpful posts as well as inspiration and motivation for leading a healthy life.

My list of post ideas (i.e. why you need to eat carbs) keeps growing by the day which is definitely not a bad thing. I am currently working on a post about foam rolling which was heavily requested by readers so look out for that very soon.

As always, if you have an idea or topic you want me to cover, don't hesitate to let me know! (Workout questions welcomed, too!) I am all "ears" and want to give you the tools necessary to get started and succeed. I'd love for you to connect with me on Instagram, too!

Cheers to new beginnings and getting in as many bike rides as possible, and starting a new book! :)