My Style: Black Vest

October 21, 2016

Naturally Me, Flattering Vest for Fall, Fall Vest, Fall Outfit Idea

VEST: Target [similar] // TANK: H&M [similar] // PANTS: Target //  
PUMPS: Target [similar] // TOTE: Old Navy // NECKLACE: Old Navy [similar] //

If you've been reading Naturally Me for any amount of time, you know I'm a Target lover. Every single time I go in there for 2 things I walk out with clothes. (I also know I'm not alone in this thankfully, haha!)

A month or so ago I went in during my lunch break (bad/good idea) and hit the jackpot - a huge clearance section in women's clothes. Oh those little orange tags just make me giddy. Anywho, I picked up this black vest from the Who What Wear collection for $6 and I've been wearing it non stop. (I can't find it online anymore, but check your local store!) It's a sort of linen material in a classic cut that is also super flattering. I'm thinking that when the weather actually stays chilly, I'll pair it with a long sleeve shirt for fall because I don't want to stop wearing it!

What's everyone up to this weekend? I don't have much going on which isn't a terrible thing.. but I will be finishing up some posts coming to the blog next week even though I'll be out of town - including a scary good workout! ;) Stay tuned!

Naturally Me, Who What Wear x Target Vest, H&M Tank Top

Naturally Me, Fall Outfit, All Black Outfit for Fall

Naturally Me, Black Heels for Fall, Black Dress Pants, All Black Outfit

Naturally Me, Old Navy Tote, Black Tote for Fall, All Black Outfit For Fall, Who What Wear x Target, Black Dress Pants, Black Vest

Naturally Me, All Black Outfit For Fall, Target Vest, Target Black Dress Pants, Target heels

Naturally Me, All Black for Fall, Black Tote, What To Wear For Fall, Fall Outfit Idea

Naturally Me, Black tote, Black patterned heels, Black Snakeskin Pumps

Photos by Rosa


My Daily Skincare Routine

October 19, 2016

It's been over 5 months since my first facial with CPS and I realized I totally forgot to fill you in on my new skincare products and routine. Whoops!

Beauty Routine, Zo Skin Health Offects, Zo Skin products, EltaMD products, facial cleanser

Anywho, even though I still know very little about skincare, makeup, and anything beauty-related really, I learned a lot at CPS about what works and what doesn't with my skin type.

I have very dry skin and deal with eczema which flares up very badly in the fall and winter months. The only product that helps is dermatologist-prescribed. Plus, my skin has always been sensitive to products - from concealer to face wash, lotion and everything in between - and ever since I've been in my 30s, the sensitivity has gotten worse. Sometimes it's so frustrating I won't try new products, but after visiting CPS I finally found a skincare routine that is easy and my skin is responding very well to. It's already looking and feeling better!

Side note: props to the ladies that change their skincare routine for the seasons, because my skin would retaliate and I really can't afford to miss work because I'm embarrassed to be seen in public or answer any questions.

Products I Use

Zo Skin Offects Hydrating Cleanser

Beauty routine, Zo Skin Health Offects Hydrating Cleanser, Facial Cleanser

I received a sample size of this product on my first visit to CPS and after the first time using it, my skin looked and felt so much better. No joke! It's literally the only daily cleanser that helps control my skin issues.

EltaMD UV Daily Tinted Moisturizer

Elta MD UV Daily Tinted Facial Sunscreen, Face Moisturizer

This pale girl was pretty scared at the thought of using tinted moisturizer since I'm not trying to look orange unless it's part of a Halloween costume. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this Elta MD face moisturizer. Somehow, it blends into my skin perfectly, goes on smooth and evens out my skin tone a bit, too. Plus it has SPF 40 in it which gives me extra protection from the sun and that's always a good thing!

My Routine 

Ready to write this down? It's tough to remember.....

Every morning, I cleanse my face with the Zo then apply the Elta MD tinted moisturizer. (If I feel like it, I'll throw on some neutral eye shadow and mascara which rarely happens.) That's it! The CPS tech did suggest that I wash my face before bed as well. Update: I'm still working on that. ;)

I'm also on the hunt for face wipes that I can use to cleanse my face when needed, especially post-workout. I've been using these, but if you have any good recs, let me know in the comments!

What's your skincare routine look like? What are your favorite products?