My 2018 Goals

January 3, 2018

Oh hey, 2018!

How was everyone's NYE? I had a very low-key celebration (which might've involved pajamas, a coloring book, and wine...) and start to the new year which was wonderful. I stayed in my pajamas all day Monday, but did get a yoga practice in. Can I just sleep in and practice yoga everyday?

I've also been spending much more time planning blog content for this year (who am I) due to house sitting for my Grandparents and I'm really excited to bring all my ideas to life!

What better way to kick off the new year - and fresh blog posts - than with my goals for 2018? Yes, I'm still calling them goals - not resolutions - which you can read about in my 2017 goals post.

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This year, I decided to do something a little different and break my goals into different categories because I'm all about organization. Once my new Passion Planner arrives, I'll be writing all these goals down and creating a plan to conquer each one.

In the meantime, here are my 2018 goals on here so yinz can keep me accountable! ;)


Practice 2-3 times a week
Work on my flexibility/getting to a handstand
Attend a yoga retreat

Naturally Me, Yoga Diaries, Yogi, Camel Pose, FitFam, Sweat Pink, My 2018 Goals, Fitspo


Get back on the meal prep train
Experiment with cutting out certain foods (I'm wondering if my daily headaches have something to do with what I eat)
Try a vegetarian lifestyle


Stay consistent in my workout regimen
Get a job as a personal trainer
Build Sweat Pink Pittsburgh (more coming soon!)
Attend a fit expo
Use more of my fitness accessories regularly (Bosu ball, yoga straps, etc.)
Jump rope before or after every workout/master double unders
Try different workouts like Orange Theory & Corepower Yoga

Naturally Me, Yoga Diaries, Yogi, Stretch, FitFam, Sweat Pink



Take a fun trip for my birthday (in July)
Send more snail mail
Save money
Read more books
Explore Pittsburgh more
Visit friends

I'm really looking forward to a new year, and a new me in many different ways. Remember, it's never too late to begin doing things to better yourself.

What are your goals for 2018? I'd love to know!

Holiday Gift Guide:
My Favorite Fitness Things

December 20, 2017

I'm sure you guys have been bombarded by gift guides, but I couldn't not share my favorite fitness items that would make perfect gifts this holiday season. (And, um, better late than never!) So, here are all my favorite things - many of which would make great stocking stuffers if you need last-minute ideas! ;)


ToeSox, Yoga Accessories, Yoga Diaries, Naturally Me, ToeSox Half Toe

Discovering ToeSox was one of the best additions to my yoga practice. Not only are they cute, but they really keep you from slipping on your mat. I've even been taking a pair to the gym with me and after my workout, I'll go into the yoga room and move through my own flow. The half toe style is my favorite!


There are a few things that I always have with me for every workout and my Flipbelt is one of them. If you're like me and hate arm bands to hold your phone, the Flipbelt is perfect! It holds my phone perfectly. I even wore it to run the Thanksgiving 5k and carried my phone, my Dad's car keys and chapstick.



Naturally Me, Gift Guide, Fitness Gift Guide, Gift Guide 2017, Earhoox

Naturally Me, Gift Guide, Fitness Gift Guide, Gift Guide 2017, Earhoox

I've had my Earhoox for xx months and I have never taken them off my ear buds. As someone that doesn't like bulky headphones when I workout, these Earhoox are perfect. They fit my ears and stay in place. (Read my full Earhoox review!)

Passion Planner

Yes, I still use an actual planner and I've used a Passion Planner for 2 years now. I not only love the colors and designs, but also the goal-setting guides, motivational quotes, weekly focus, and more. You can also get a dated or undated planner!

Alo Yoga Moto Leggings

I don't pay a crazy amount for my workout leggings... ever (hello Target)... but I decided to splurge on these ever so popular Alo Yoga leggings. Let me tell you: they're worth every penny! They are an amazing quality, stay put during workouts, and are perfect for an athleisure look. I wear them all the time and really want to get another color.

S'well Bottles


Naturally Me, Gift Guide, Fitness Gift Guide, Gift Guide 2017, S'ip By S'well, Stay Hydrated, Workout Accessories

I can't think of better motivation to #stayhydrated than cute water bottles. (Okay, maybe all the skin and health benefits of water, but you know what I mean.) I already own two of these S'well bottles and they keep water cold (or hot) for hours. They come in so many different colors and the cutest patterns, too!


Zucchini noodles for daysssss. I just dug this exact spiralizer out of all my moving boxes and I can't wait to use it again. It comes with 5 different blades so you can literally make anything. I kind of want to try to make fries at least one time.

Nike Dri-FIT Leggings

Nike Dri-FIT leggings sure make leaving the gym in freezing weather a lot more bearable. (I also like to wear them to run errands or under my jeans to go ice skating!)

Slap Nutrition

Slap is the only protein powder and BCAA's I use. There are only 5 ingredients (that you can pronounce), the flavors are so good, and they don't make my stomach upset. I can't recommend them enough! If you're looking for a protein powder, I'd suggest giving Slap a try!